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These soldiers are conscripted to serve as soldiers in times of war. Their equipment is provided by local authorities, and they are afforded very little armour and training; because of this, they have low morale.

"During the chaos of warlords, the Central Militia served no certain force. When the North was pacified, the militia became reserves serving the state of Cao Wei."

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Zhongyuan Militia Edit

Melee Attack Melee Defence Flexibility Ranged Attack Ranged Defence
3 1.7 1.8 0 1
HP Morale Move Charge Attack Speed Fight Style (↓ ↑ ← →) Weight Stealth Follow
95 70 6.23 7.8 1.03 - 3.20 30:40:15:15 56 20 0

Amount: 12

Armour Type: Cloth

Weapon Type: Paddles, Spears

Skills: None

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Exercise: Increases unit's Max HP by 10%

Harden: Increases unit's Polearm damage by 10%